Debian / Cinnamon monitor framerate limited to lowest

Added by Komorek, Kamil over 4 years ago

I've two displays:
  • 2k 144Hz monitor
  • FHD 60Hz monitor

connected to nVidia RTX2060 DP + HDMI.

nVidia Config shows, that first display (same like its OSD) works at 144Hz, however I see... it's not! FPS games it's also not so smooth, as they should be.

Searched on boards to change "Force Composition Pipeline" / "Force Full" or change "Sync to VBlank" or "Allow Flipping" - doesn't changes anything.

Today I accidentally changed in Cinnamon -> General Settings -> "Composition options" a "VSync method" from "Presentation mode" to "None" and it's finally works on real 144Hz!