fmGrabber - find and collect your LastFm loved tracks!

That little app will download your loved LastFm tagged tracks and find them on your local storage, just type your username and select directory with your music.
After matching loved-files you may copy them to specified directory.
Tool helps to make pendrive/CDs with favorite songs.

Have fun!


  • It's written in C# .NET 4.5, may require latest M$ Windows updates and redistributed packages
  • It requires internet connection to fetch loved songs from LastFm


Current Version: 2.0

Archive releases:


2016-10-30 / v2.0
  • + Supports current LastFM API
  • + 3 Joining algorithms with Jaro-Winkler about 100% success rate match!
  • * Multithreaded
  • * Improvements
  • - No more xml importing (LastFm removed feature)
2015-05-09 / v1.1
  • First public version